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Audio Clips Click here to download
  • How to install an audio clip?
  1. Click on the button of the audio clip 'version' you are interested in,

For Netscape Communicator:

a mini window will be launched to play the audio clip,

  1. Place your mouse on this small window
  2. Click the right button on your mouse, and from the side menu
  3. Select "Save As"
  4. Save the audio clip in the following folder: <windows/media>. The default name of this audio clip is <basmalah.wav>

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  1. Select <Save this file to disk> when prompted by the <File download> dialog box.
  2. Follow the steps (b) to (d) above.
  1. Click the Windows <Start> button
  2. Select <Settings/Control Panel/Sounds>
  3. Select the command you want to associate with the audio clip such as: "Open Program", or "Start Windows"
  4. Select <Browse> and find the file you downloaded from our site and saved in <windows/media> folder.


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