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The Ummayad Dynasty in Al-Andalus
711 The Berbers and the Arabs in Al-Andalus.
712 Capture of Toledo.
714 Abd El-Aziz became governor of Al-Andalus.
755 - 788 Abdul-Rahman I, Ummayads Emir in Cordoba.
788 - 796 Hisham succeeded Abdul-Rahman as Emir in Cordoba.
796 - 822 Al-Hakam succeeded Hisham as Emir in Cordoba.
822 - 852 Abdul-Rahman II, Emir in Cordoba.
912 - 961 Abdul-Rahman III, proclaimed himself as Caliph of Al-Andalus in Cordoba in 929 AD.
961 - 976 Al-Hakam II, Caliph in Cordoba.
976 - 1009 Hisham II, Caliph in Cordoba;
Decline of Arab power in Al-Andalus.
1031 The Ummayds Caliphate came to an end in Cordoba
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