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Tulunid and Fatimid Dynasties in Egypt
868 Ahmed Ibn Tulun, the founder of the state of Tulunids, named Caliph in Egypt.
868 - 905 The rise of the Tulunid dynasty in Egypt.
953 - 975 Al-Muizz, Fatimid Caliph.
969 The rise of the state of Fatimids in Egypt.
970 The expansion of the Fatimid state to include Damascus.
973 Cairo became the capital of Fatimid Caliphate.
975 - 996 Al-Aziz, Fatimid Caliph in Cairo.
996 - 1021 Al-Hakim succeeded Al-Aziz in Cairo.
1009 Destruction of the Holy Sepulcher.
1021 - 1036 Al-Zahir, Fatimid Caliph.
1036 - 1094 Al-Mustansir Bi-Llah, Fatimid Caliph.
1171 - 1193 Salah Ed-Din Al-Ayyubi became Sultan of Egypt and Syria.
1171 - 1250 The rise of the Ayybid dynasty.
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