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Seljuk and Ayyubid Dynasties in Syria
1078 The rise of the Seljuks dynasty in Damascus.
1079 The Seljuks expanded their dynasty to include Jerusalem.
1099 The Crusaders subjugated Jerusalem.
1169 - 1250 The rise of the Ayyubids dynasty in Syria and Egypt.
1171 Salah Ed-Din Al-Ayyubi, Sultan.
1187 The Crusaders were defeated at the battle of Hattin.
1191 The Crusaders occupied St. John of Acre.
1196 Malik Al-Adil reinstated Muslim authority in Jerusalem.
1204 The Arabs took over Jerusalem.
1229 - 1244 Treaty of Jaffa; Jerusalem returned to Fredrick II.
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  First Dynasty: Damascus
  Last Dynsaty: Al-Andalus
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