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These are chronological highlights of early Islamic dynasties and ruling parties. Of course, there is much more to Islamic history than these lists are able to convey. This series of chronological lists is divided according to dynasties or other ruling parties.

The next update to this site will examine more Islamic dynasties and ruling parties like the Safavids in Iran and the Ottomans in Anatolia.

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Last updated:    Thursday August 21, 2003
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  Prophet and Caliphs
  Mikka and Medina
  The Ummayads
  First Dynasty: Damascus
  Last Dynsaty: Al-Andalus
  The Abbasids
  First Dynasty: Baghdad
  Last Dynasty: Baghdad
  Tulunid and Fatimid
  Seljuks and Ayyubids
  Ifriqiya and Sicily
  Ifriqiya and Sicily
  Almoravid and Almohad
  Al-Andalus (Spain)
  The Mughals
  The Safavids
  The Ottomans