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Ifriqiya and Sicily
647 Arab knights reached Ifriqiya (Tunisia).
670 Annexation of Ifriqiya.
The city of Kairouan was founded.
682 The Arabs were defeated in Biskra.
698 Expedition of Carthage by the Umayyads.
702 Defeat of Al-Kahina,
Berber resistance ended.
745 The Kharijites in Kairouan.
800 - 812 Ibrahim Ibn al-Aghlab established the state of the Aghlabids and declared independence from the Abbasids in Baghdad.
817 - 838 Ziyadat Allah I, Aghlabid's Emir in Ifriqiya.
827 The Aghlabids conquered Sicily.
909 - 934 Al-Mahdi (UbaidAllah) spread the Fatimid doctrine (Shiism).
910 Fatimid Caliphs expanded their Dynasty to include Ifriqiya.
953 - 975 The Fatimid Caliph Al-Muizz transferred the capital from Kairouan to Cairo.
972 - 973 Debilitation of the Fatimid dynasty.
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  Ifriqiya and Sicily
  Ifriqiya and Sicily
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