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The Last Abbasids Dynasty in Baghdad
945 - 1055 The Buyid Emirs put the Caliph under tutelage.
946 - 974 Al-Mutil Caliph in Baghdad.
1055 The Seljuks took over Baghdad.
1094 - 1118 Al-Mustazhir became Caliph.
1180 - 1225 Al-Nasir Li Dinullah succeeded Al-Mustazhir.
1226 - 1242 Al-Mustansir named Caliph in Baghdad.
1242 - 1258 Al-Mustasim, last Caliph in Baghdad;
The Mongols conquered Baghdad and executed the Caliph.
  Prophet and Caliphs
  Mikka and Medina
  The Ummayads
  First Dynasty: Damascus
  Last Dynsaty: Al-Andalus
  The Abbasids
  First Dynasty: Baghdad
  Last Dynasty: Baghdad
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  Ifriqiya and Sicily
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