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The Great Abbasids Dynasty in Baghdad
750 - 945 The rise of the Great Abbasids dynasty.
750 - 754 Abu al-Abbas Al-Saffah named Caliph in Kufa.
754 - 775 Abu Ja'far al-Mansour became Caliph in Baghdad.
786 - 809 Harun al-Rashid succeeded Abu Ja'far al-Mansour in Baghdad.
800 De facto emancipation of Ifriqiya .
813 - 833 Al-Mamun became Caliph.
813 - 817 The Caliph Al-Mamun took up residence in Merv.
830 Khurasan of the Tahirids proclaimed its independence.
833 - 842 Al-Mutasim, Caliph in Samarra.
847 - 861 Al-Mutawakkil succeeded Al-Mutasim in Samarra.
868 Ibn Tulun proclaimed Egypt as an independent country.
870 - 892 Al-Mutamid, Caliph in Samarra, later transferred the capital of the Abbasids to Baghdad.
908 - 932 Al-Muktadir, Caliph in Baghdad.
945 - 1031 The Caliphs under the tutelage of the Buyid Emirs.
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