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The bibliography project was conceived by IAAO members. The purpose of this special Web presentation is to provide scholars and students with a compiled list of the publications on Islamic arts and architecture.

Using the Index
The bibliographical index is arranged according to authors in the order normally used in a library card catalogue. 

We have tried to keep the index both useful and within reasonable bounds. We have made every attempt to help scholars and students locate articles that may be relevant to their specific projects, but by no means is this index complete. 

We have used our best judgment in selecting items to be included in the index. We have tried to guide readers to significant discussions of important topics, but have tried not to send readers scurrying after obscure or unimportant references. 

Names of Scholars
This bibliography is organized alphabetically by the last names of the authors of  various publications. We have also included the names of both authors in the case of joint authorship, listing them alphabetically under the name of the author given first on the article. We have cross-referenced the names of the second and third authors.

Index Numbers
The numbers following each index item refer to the numbers to the left of each item in the bibliography, not to page numbers.

If you would like to notify the lead researcher of the publication of a book or journal which you think should be included, you can email

If you have bibliographical experience and would be interested in serving as a contributor, please contact the lead researcher. We are particularly keen to receive bibliographical input from volunteers around the world.

Final Note
Since any bibliography is always a work in progress, we would greatly appreciate receiving any suggestions, corrections, additions, or modifications. Please email:

Thank you!

Last updated:    Thursday August 21, 2003
Copyright 1995-2002 Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization.   All rights reserved.

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