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Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization
We invite you to publish your articles, essays, or papers on the IAAO Web site. For the past seven years, IAAO Web site has been received extremely well by the academic community as well as corporates. The objective of the publication of IAAO is to promote and stimulate discussions in Islamic arts and/or architecture studies. Keeping in mind this objective, the articles accepted for publication can be based on:
  • Original ideas;
  • Research work;
  • Experiences in the arts and architecture;
  • Comparative studies between Islamic arts and those of other cultures/countries; and
  • Case studies.

Instructions to Authors
Please adhere to the following guidelines while submitting an article:

  1. Papers that have been published or have been offered for publication elsewhere should not be submitted.
  2. Papers should be typed in double space. The length of an article should not exceed 15 manuscript pages including references, appendixes, tables and figures/images. Pages must be numbered.
  3. Each paper should be accompanied by an abstract.
    Begin with the article title and in 250 words or less, describe the essence of the article. Double space the abstract on a separate sheet, and place it at the beginning of the article. Do not include your name or any other identifying information on this sheet.
  4. Wherever copyright material is used, authors should be accurate in reproduction and obtain permission from the copyright holders if necessary.
  5. The article should be accompanied by the author's contact address, a short biographical note and the institutional affiliation of the author. In case of more than one author, the requirement applies to each of the authors.
  6. The article must be saved in either Microsoft Word, format, or Word Perfect, or as a Web page;
  7. The article should be submitted by email as an attachment to:
  8. In case the article is found suitable in parts, the authors may be approached for revision. The editor may also undertake revision or modification of an article for publication and publish the article on prior approval of the author.
  9. There is no deadline to submit an article.

We look forward to your contribution of article(s) for IAAO.

Thank You.

Yours sincerely,

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